don't apologize, organize.

Pemberton, Canada

Some day this week, preferably today or tomorrow, I have to go through all my clothes and check what I wanna bring with me to Canada. And what I have to buy before I move (I believe the clothes you find here in Sweden are very stylish). Last year when I moved to Whistler, I mostly brought comfy snowboarding clothes. A mistake. People dress way better in Whistler than other ski resorts I've been to. And I really missed my regular clothes. Might sound retardedly shallow, but somehow you show everyone who you are through the way you dress. And I wanna look like me. And more importantly, I wanna feel like me. 


Renew, adjust, and sew.


Buy some new.


  1. Du kan alltid packa en loda med kleder och senda. Alltid skonare att ha sin egen garderob ner man er hemifron:-)

  2. Jo de ska jag också göra, speciellt vår och sommarkläder :)