what is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable.

Couldn't go to bed last night unless I'd booked my ticket. I had to book it straight away. I'm leaving Sweden in a month! My family believes in me and my career path, however, I do know they hate having me in a country very far away. I already feel sad about leaving them, but I'm super excited about my new job and to move back to Canada. I love love love life and how damn unpredictable it is!


  1. Jag är så glad att du har fått jobbet, fast hade inte förväntat mig något annat heller! Tur att du har varit en liten stund i Sverige iallafall så jag fick träffa dig igen! Ett par Anna+Katja+snack+mys+kaffe till måste vi dock hinna med innan du åker!! :)

  2. Love this. Thank you for the inspiration.