back to my roots.

I jumped on a plane to Sweden. A two weeks vacation that just ended. Haven't been home in almost 2 years and it was a blast. Thanks everyone for these beautiful weeks. I left with tears in my eyes.

I also attended one of my best friends wedding, as the maid of honour and wedding photographer. Don't ask me how this was done haha, but I managed to fulfill both tasks. The wedding was as beautiful as their high school sweetheart romance (and 13 years together!). Thanks guys for this amazing day and celebration of you two.

Also shot some photos of my other best friend, who's expecting in like 6 weeks. Crazy!

I love these 2 girls. And my family. And all my other friends. And my house.... I could keep going.

Goodbyes, tears, and hugs. Vacation is over. Back home to Canada.

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