we travelled across the globe to a place i know very well.

Uppsala & Stockholm, Sweden Nov 2013. Shot with film and my new toy Canon A-1.

This place means the world to me. These are my roots. It's something in the wind here. The fields I grew up playing on. The deep forrest where I used to walk my dog. My precious little house. My family. Those pubs we used to be drunk at. My friends, my very best friends. That same street we walk up and down. Our lovely lovely city we complained so much about. We thought no one could be happy here. The place we just had to get away from. And so I did. Now these places are the ones that lies the closest to my heart. The people and environments I dream about at night. Every night. I brought him there one week in November. Showed him everything and nothing. Showed him the most personal. 

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