finally free.

The last couple of years have been a mental roller coaster. Not to know if you'll be able to stay in the place you call home is devastating and very stressful. I tried so hard to live in the moment, not worry about the future. But it's tough. Mentally draining. Denied applications. Keep trying. New ones. More uncertainty. I felt trapped in the situation. Not wanted. Powerless. In hindsight I think it affected everything in smaller or larger scale; my well being, self esteem, life balance, work life, relationships. And so finally comes the Day. Suddenly you're there. The place you dreamed about. It's right in front of you, within reach. As I drove back up from the boarder it felt like I was dancing on clouds. With a feeling that could be described as 'beyond happiness'. I'm free. I can RELAX. I can stay here forever. I can do whatever I want in life again. I was however a bit naive, and thought that this would solve all my problems. Of course life's not that easy. I had to reset. Start from scratch to be able to find life balance again. To find peace within. But I'm on my way back to a new balanced, calmer self again! And damn it feels good!


  1. Where is it, you're allowed to stay?

  2. Permanent Residency in Canada :)